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Floating Pump Pontoons Australia
Mining & Industrial

Manufactured in Australia by Australian owned and operated company

Superior Industrial’s 30+ years of flotation expertise enables an offering of a wide variety of floating platform options to clients in multiple industries, with differing needs, where stable flotation is required. 

Floating pump pontoons for tailings dams, dewatering pits or flood relief; sludge pontoons, sewerage pontoons, irrigation pontoons for agricultural dams and associated floating access gangways are some of the requirements for which Superior Industrial can provide solutions.

Floating pontoon solutions are manufactured with 100% virgin materials and can be designed for a range of specifications to satisfy particular stability, rigidity and weight requirements.  A variety of noncorrosive materials to suit any environment is available.

Accessories include floating access gangways and floating walkways, all manufactured in Australia.


ModelCapacity (kg)Dimensions (mm)Anchor PointsMaterialPump Void (mm)
P 500500 Kg3000 x 1500 x 4004Alum / PE1300 x 500
P 10001000 Kg3000 x1500 x 7104Alum / PE1300 x 500
P 25002.5 Tonne3815 x 3080 x 7104Steel / PE850 x 600
P 50005 Tonne5400 x 4500 x 9708Steel / PE1410 x 1530
P 75007.5 Tonne5400 x 4500 x 9708Steel / PEN/A
P 1000010 Tonne7250 x 6000 x 9708Steel / PE2800 x 3500


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