Fire Hose Reel Covers

Fire Hose Reel Covers for Sale

Protect Your Fire Hose Reels with Superior Industrial
Superior Industrial offers high-quality, corrosion resistant fire hose reel covers for sale. Our lightweight fire hose reel covers provide essential protection against environmental elements and damage, ensuring the readiness of your fire hose reels when you need them most. Trust Superior Industrial for reliable and cost-effective fire hose reel covers.


  • Essential safety addition to any industrial site
  • Protect fire hoses from sun, rain and wind exposure
  • One piece rotomoulded medium density polyethylene
  • UV stabalised (rating 11)
  • Wind and theft proof safety cable attachment
  • Fits all major brand fire hoses
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Stand out lettering ‘FIRE HOSE REEL’
  • Lightweight – easy to install and remove
  • Field tested and proven

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