Custom Steel & Aluminium Fabrication Gold Coast

Heavy Duty Steel Fabrication

  • Quality Assured to Australian standards 
  • Compliant with Tier 1 contractor QA requirements 
  • Confined space certified
    Non – destructive testing 
  • Large factory access and transport facilities 
  • Surface treatment specialists for marine and acidic environments
  • Highly specialised structural steel design team. 
  • Proven fabrication experts include boilermakers and quality assured welders. 
  • Our people have proven performance and our customers have trust in our brand.

Aluminium Fabrication

  • The Superior Industrial experts can tailor aluminium fabrication to suit requirements for a wide range of applications.
  • Aluminium is a versatile, lightweight, non -corrosive durable, and ductile metal that performs effectively and efficiently in a wide array of environments.
  • Welding, machining, forming and extruding are all effective with aluminium 
  • Aluminium is a 100% recyclable and during the recycling process, it retains all of its original properties. During production, it is more cost-effective to use recycled metal than prime metal out of the ground and so, during production, as much recycled material is used as possible.
  • Aluminium is a unique material and also the third most abundant element in the world which makes it ideal for numerous applications

Custom Solutions

  • Superior Industrial offers cost effective standard designs and we have the ability to work with clients, consultants and regulatory authorities to provide a bespoke offering for any requirement.
  • We have the ability to manufacture our equipment from numerous types and grades of metals to offer corrosion resistance in both Acidic and Caustic environments.
  • We can also offer various epoxy coatings, hard facing and material upgrades to provide both corrosion/abrasion resistance found in the mining/heavy industry sectors.
  • Custom installation methods of our pontoons are available from push bars and various lifting points, fork tines etc for ease of installation onto dam/waterways.
  • Custom rotomoulded products are available upon request for your particular requirements.
  • Customised pontoons, walkways and flotation devices can all be integrated together, providing a turnkey solution.

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