Service Pits, Utility Access Covers
& Stormwater Pit Lids

Utility Access Covers

Non-Slip Service Pits with Superior Industrial

At Superior Industrial, we provide high-quality custom rotomoulded utility access covers for a range of applications. Our non-slip pit covers and service pits are engineered to provide secure and reliable access to critical infrastructure. Whether it’s for maintenance, inspections, or utilities, our covers ensure easy and safe access. Choose Superior Industrial for robust and dependable utility access solutions.

  • Used for all concrete pathways with integrated reinforcement inserts in any industry
  • Provide access to underground utilities including electrical cables, plumbing and draining systems for maintenance and repairs
  • Can be located at regular intervals along the pathway
  • Improves safety for workers by providing a secure area for utility access without the risk for injury
  • Custom rotomoulded non-slip plastic lids added for a neatly finished appearance
  • The box and fittings size can be tailored to suit requirements and is chosen based on size and site conditions
  • Service pits can improve aesthetics of the pathway by reducing above-ground infrastructure

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